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A series of top-ten Google search results transformed into poetry-like verses : a simple structure that compares the two online geographies, the flatness of sameness and difference, where interestingly enough the sameness becomes even more distinctly paradoxical. The project reveals not only particular ideologies that are shared by countless others within a common geographical location, but also emotive requests that ostensibly reflect millions of queries entered into the world’s most popular search engine.

A Google search incident that happened last year with the search ‘yellow’ within the region Hong Kong stimulates the project We, The Searchers. The work was first conceived and executed as a live exhibition at Page Not Found artspace and artist book store (PNF) in The Netherlands. In PNF, the experience constitutes an orchestrated audio recordings dispersed in various spots, with a human voice juxtaposing with that of google assistant’s; prints as posters, which images are sourced from Google Image results; a publication of the same title; a library of specially curated book titles. The work is a fragment of a larger research that probes into questions about truth-searching in a post-truth era - the connotation and mechanism behind the algorithmic control on search engines, an uncanny experience of distant togetherness in the digital world, and the absurdity of algorithmic cultural differentiation. Relocating the project from a physical bookstore environment to the digital realm also provokes a revisit to the epistemic understanding of curatorship, be it in reality or virtuality.

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