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Mayumi Hosokura Artist

Mayumi Hosokura (b. in Kyoto, Japan) has published several photo books including NEW SKIN (2020), Jubilee (2017), Transparency is the new mystery (2016) and more. Hosokura has exhibited extensively in Japan and internationally, with solo exhibitions including ‘Sen to Me’ (Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, 2021) , ‘NEW SKIN’ (mumei, 2019) , ‘Jubilee’ (nomad nomad, 2017) , ‘Cyalium’ (G/P gallery, 2016), ‘CRYSTAL LOVE STARLIGHT’ (G/P gallery, 2014), and ‘Transparency is the new mystery’ (Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, 2012). She graduated from the Faculty of Literature at Ritsumeikan University and Institute of Photography at Nihon University of Art.

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