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Betty AppleArtist
Photo by MW studio TW

Betty Apple is an avant-garde Generation Y artist from Taiwan. Her artistic practice is influenced by rave, subculture, avant-garde theatre, new media film, and post-internet art. She performs her conceptual ideas in different formats, such as electronic music composition, sound art performance, live art, DJ, art rave, and more, and intentionally embodies her creative concept of ‘body politics’.She was recently invited to perform at Melbourne Fringe Festival (2021); Santarcangelo Festival 2050 (2021); CTM Festival, Berlin (2021); Museum of Old and New Art FOMA, Tasmania (2021);, Nuit Blanche Taipei (2020); Biennale Jogja (2019); Flaneur Festival in Berlin (2019), Bergen Assembly (2019); Playfreely Music Festival, Singapore (2018); and Taipei Art Festival (2018–2020). She received her BA in theatre and MA in new media art at the Taipei National University of the Arts.

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