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Ho Sin TungArtist

Ho Sin Tung (b. in Hong Kong; lives in Hong Kong). imagines and participates in the world through research, which she regards as a method to lose oneself steadily. Navigating through texts and materials, Ho encounters puncta that haunt her. That which could not be named is thus transformed into her work. This is a way to live with it. Ho has a penpal who describes that ‘Ho Sin Tung regards the dead as the living. Objects, events, and knowledge gain the status of the living in her world. They have their own faces and are so dignified that they cannot be categorised.’Apart from drawing, installation, and video, writing is also essential to her practice. Her work of translation, criticism, and fiction have been published in various media and literary magazines. She is one of the co-founders of alternative space POWWOW, a base for cultural practitioners from all fields to exercise, play, mingle, and learn to care for both their body and mind. It seeks to bring various artistic communities together through sports (especially martial arts) and fun, and to become an agglomerating point for creative spirits to collide in informal yet structured frameworks. Without emphasising the production or exhibition aspects of art, it is a playground for creativity to ferment and take shape without being driven by ‘objectives’ or directed by the capitalistic impulses of productivity and efficiency. She graduated from the Fine Arts Department in Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2018.

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